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My experience of 'You are Your own Gym' by Mark Lauren

Lots of pain, challenge and reward.

At age 38 I felt weak unfit and a bit flabby. Running with my kids I noticed I was out of breath.

Something in my head said do something before I is to late.

Over the past year I have been on a journey. I challenged myself to get a bit fitter, get a bit stronger and do it cheaply and in as little time per session as possible.

After looking into various systems with little or no equipment I came across 'You are your own Gym' by Mark Lauren.

And so i started the basic program -level 1. In some ways i could do more advanced exercises but i decided that i would start at the bottm and work my way up. I had a few false starts but managed to finsh the 10 week program.

A  bit of rest followed and I noticed a few changes in my physique. Felt a lot stronger and fitter.

Then followed the 1st class program. Again 10 weeks. Things were camping up a bit now and I felt a real challenge during a lot of the workouts.

Again I finished.

The last cycle I moved …