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My experience of 'You are Your own Gym' by Mark Lauren

Lots of pain, challenge and reward.

At age 38 I felt weak unfit and a bit flabby. Running with my kids I noticed I was out of breath.

Something in my head said do something before I is to late.

Over the past year I have been on a journey. I challenged myself to get a bit fitter, get a bit stronger and do it cheaply and in as little time per session as possible.

After looking into various systems with little or no equipment I came across 'You are your own Gym' by Mark Lauren.

And so i started the basic program -level 1. In some ways i could do more advanced exercises but i decided that i would start at the bottm and work my way up. I had a few false starts but managed to finsh the 10 week program.

A  bit of rest followed and I noticed a few changes in my physique. Felt a lot stronger and fitter.

Then followed the 1st class program. Again 10 weeks. Things were camping up a bit now and I felt a real challenge during a lot of the workouts.

Again I finished.

The last cycle I moved up the next step. Master class. When I first read over some of the workouts I could not imagine doing them but I had built up slowly and had a good foundation.

The master level is hard. There is no denying this.

10 weeks passed and I had finished.

I had added significant muscle to both upper and lower body and noticed a real measurable increase in my cardiovascular fitness.

If you want to spend nothing on gym fees. Get strong and fit then you can do it in your own house. You don't waste time traveling to and from the gym. Get it down quick and hard, simple.

Now aged 39. Soon to be 40 and getting stronger everyday using nothing but your own bodyweight.